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Gasp! A post! [25 Jun 2005|09:34am]

Miroku's alarm went off, invoking the trained response of a hand lashing out to slam down on it, silencing it before it awoke Mushin. Violet eyes parted shortly after and he rolled onto his back, staring up at the ceiling. The blinds were cracked open on the window, and the fact that no sun had poured in betrayed the fact that his alarm did not allow him to oversleep.

It was 5AM.

Begrudgingly, he pushed himself out of bed, legs hanging over the side while he sat in his boxers. His relatively long-but-short hair was a mess, but he didn't care. Caring about his appearance would come soon. He rose and made his way for the bathroom adjacent to his room, listening to see if Mushin was inside.

No noise answered that inquiry.

Gathering up clean clothes he was to wear under his robes for the mass, he entered and proceeded to take a quick shower. Once cleaned, he towel dried himself, and slid on his clothes, running a brush through his hair.

The whole time he thought of that Sango girl. The day of their date got ever closer, and he found himself wondering if he was going to see her today. He smirked at his reflection once his hair was drawn back and restrained, and ran out the door to his car.

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[25 Jun 2005|11:55am]
Raising an eyebrow, Jakotsu looked at Renkotsu and examined the suggestion briefly. "Yeah, I need air," he decided emphatically, hopping off his chair and grabbing his leaf-patterned coat. He couldn't help but wonder why, on mornings like these, Renkotsu seemed so... together. Surely he'd had stuff to drink last night too, so why wasn't it affecting him? "Ch, unfair," Jakotsu muttered to himself as he fastened the buttons.

Doing up just one of the fasteners, Jakotsu looked back up and promptly glowered at Satsuki. The fact that she was a woman was the icing on the cake for him being so pissed off at this. It had been a rule they'd set out when they'd started living together as a frat. Jakotsu had, naturally, complained about girls being in his house and wasn't about to shut up. So they made a rule.

And it was one he followed as well. Once his whining was rewarded with "If we can't have girls over, then you're not allowed guys; it's only fair" and things along those lines, he settled himself with the fact that he could always go to them.

"Well fine then!" he added loudly. "The next time I hook up with someone, he can come here!"

This was being blown up out of all proportion by a number of things. The first of which was an obvious hangover that refused to leave him alone. The second... Jakotsu grimaced as he thought about their frat leader. "Alright, let's go," he sighed, throwing open the door and looking expectantly at Renkotsu.

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[24 Jun 2005|06:30pm]

Suikotsu glared at Jakotsu, noticing the stubbornness coming off of him in waves. He slowly realized that he shouldn't think about him at a time like this.

"It's always polite to shower the guest with attention," his mother's voice popped up in the back of his mind.

With an angry sigh, Suikotsu picked out two cups and poured generous amounts of coffee in both. The last thing he needed was to have his mother spoil anything he might have with this girl without her even being in the same area.

He walked back to the table and to the girl and set down the glasses. "Would you like some milk or sugar?"

"Some sugar please."

He noticed she had become shy since her trip from the bedroom to the kitchen and he wished he knew why. Is it me? Is it Jakotsu? Is it Renkotsu? It must be him. She must like him... No, she can't. She was in my bed and in my shirt.

After getting the sugar and a couple of spoons, he walked back to the table and sat down next to her, trying to push those feelings of inadequacy out of him. He knew his thoughts were stupid and just trying to make him move into a place he didn't want to be.

"Here," he smiled at Satsuki. He watched her take the spoon and place the desired amounts of the sweetener into her coffee. She was beautiful to him. Her long, but messy brown hair flowing around her shoulders, her green eyes playing off of the green of the t-shirt, and her flawless skin made Suikotsu's heart skip a beat before he remembered there were two other people in the room.

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(tag Renkotsu or Suikotsu) [17 Jun 2005|10:57pm]
Part OneCollapse )

Once he was fully dressed, he stepped out of the bathroom with his hair still wringing wet and sat back down in front of his now cold omelette. He shrugged, cold or not, he was hungry.

Besides, eating seemed to be doing something to settled his nervous system. Now, he didn't so much feel the overwhelming anger as he did the overwhelming stupidity. It was embedded in Jakotsu's nature that he would hugely overreact to things. And where friends were involved, it was all the worse.

No. No, Bankotsu is the one who's wrong here, not me, Jakotsu told himself. He didn't believe it, but he couldn't be reprimanded for not trying immensely hard.

He hardly dared look at Renkotsu or Suikotsu. He'd already gained a reputation for being slightly "stroppy" and he didn't like fueling it.

"So..." he began without knowing what the hell he was saying. Another moment of silence on his part followed.

The an idea struck him. "What's going on with this frat?" Jakotsu asked curiously, getting back to his normal attitude. "You said we needed to do something to get noticed, right Suikotsu? any ideas?" he asked, silently praying this would get conversation flowing and flowing away from the him and Bankotsu.

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So far so good... for most... [17 Jun 2005|05:06pm]

[ mood | Everything is CrAzY!1! ]

To fucking early for this shit... but all is well that ends well. Last night was a total success... the girls at the club had been all over him, dancing, grinding, kissing, humping... and for the first time in a long time... he didn't get off on it. His doctors told him that the medication he was on would make him lose his sexual urges... and they were right. Therefore... they sucked. So how was this a success? Things had been confirmed that he could now officially plan the mass murder of the doctors in the hospital. They were fucking crazy for putting him on this crap! CRAP!!

It was still morning, and yes, that was early... to early for someone like Hiten. He preferred to sleep the day away and live a bountiful night life... but noooo it had to be all ruined now because of those damed pills. But he had to take them so he could "get better". Which was bullshit, and they cost a fucking fortune too. As did college...

One good perk to these meds... they would help him stay focused on his school work. Focus... focus... a hot chick walking by... focus.

He leaned forward and rested his head in his hands, keeping his eyes downcast. This was going to be horrible, he felt like he was going insane.

Hiten took a deep breath to calm his nerves... and lifted his face from his hands... he noticed a familiar face jogging his way, and that familiar face looked pretty damned pissed off. Hey! Maybe he would like to take one of these pills? The sooner he got rid of them the sooner he wouldn't have to take them anymore. He spent a crap load of money on those fuckers... he wasn't gonna just flush them down the toilet. Profit, money... good idea.

"Yo... Bankotsu!" he nodded his head, keeping a stern look on his face and rose to his feet. His extremely baggy shorts were passed his knees, bright red boxer shorts covering his ass, the black belt he used wasn't quite serving it's purpose. White sleeveless basket ball jersey, that was two sizes larger than he should have been wearing, covered his chest. And a hat sat haphazardly on the top of his head, shading his eyes from the morning sunshine.

He raised an elegant eyebrow, seeing the other man slow to a stop when he got closer.

Hahaha! Score...


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Oi... what the hell did I do last night? [17 Jun 2005|03:06am]

[ mood | the face thing is barfing haha ]

Bankotsu rolled over with a groan in his bed... the smell of a very distinct individual clouded his nose as he pressed his face into the pillow. And just like that, he jumped, sitting upright in his bed, almost hyperventalating. He wasn't in his bed... and he was naked. No, he had his boxer shorts on. A sigh of relief left his mouth, and he let his head flop back down to hit the pillow. He let his lean and muscular arm drape over the top half of his face, masking whatever daylight was coming into the room.

"FuuuUUUuuuuuUUccckkkk...." he moaned loudly, "What the hell?!"

It didnt even come into his mind that others could be still sleeping, but he didn't really give a shits less at the moment. His head was pounding and he despiratly needed some asprin and some water before moving from the spot he laid in. Suddenly the distinct smell of whose bed he was in fact laying in hit him... and rather hard.

"Jaaakotsuuu... why the fuck am I in your bed?" he more so complained in pain than asked in anger. He wasn't mad... he was just in pain, hence the cursing. "And why the hell is my head pounding? What the hell did we do last night to make me feel like this much shit?"


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There's a girl in my bed?! [17 Jun 2005|12:22am]

Suikotsu opened his eyes, yawned, took his first swallow of the day, and was immediatly hit with most fowl tasting morning mouth ever. What the hell?

He slowly sat up where he was met with a small headache. "Hmm?"

Forgetting the headache, he smelled something wonderful coming from the kitchen. "Eggs?" he asked no one as he finished scratching the itch on his bare chest.

"I think so," said a voice from behind him.

Suddenly, Suikotsu became very confused and quickly moved off the bed to spin around. Once he faced his bed and the room stopped spinning, he looked down at a girl laying in his bed with the t-shirt he was wearing yesterday. "Wha? Who? Huh?" he stammered.

"You look sexy in your boxers," she said with a smile on her face.

Now Suikotsu was confused and self conscious. No one ever saw him in his boxers other than his Father and possibly his Mother. With wide eyes, he searched for some pants to put on over the red and white striped boxers. He found his pants draped over his desk chair and high tailed it over there and put them on.

"What are you doing here, Satsuki?" he asked, finally remembering her name.

"You called me last night to do something and I said yes. So, I ending up hanging out with you, Renkotsu and that...that...guy," she explained, sitting up on the edge of his bed.

Suikotsu desperately tried to remember what happened last night, but he couldn't. "I'll be back. Stay here."

He flashed a scared smile and scooted out the door and to the kitchen. "Renkotsu!" he yelled, seeing the man first. "What happened last night? I vaguely remember the three of us talking about something. But that's not the point. Do you remember anyone else? Do you remember Satsuki? Do you remember how she got in my t-shirt? Do you know why she's in my bed?"

Suikotsu stopped talking to take a few calming breaths. Upon seeing Jakotsu, Suikotsu half smiled, "Good Morning?"

Something told him that today was not going to be one of his good days.

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Get up (tag any Shichinin who feel like it) [14 Jun 2005|08:02pm]
Opening bleary eyes late the next morning, Jakotsu rolled over to his right hand side to look at the clock on the nightstand between the two beds. Yawning widely, he frowned as his gaze fell upon a bare, grey wall. "Uhnnn, wha..." he mumbled, moving to sit up but diving back down to cover his head with a pillow as a bolt of pain shot through his temples.

Last night? The question popped rudely into his sleep-hazed mind. He couldn't remember anything past leaving the school. The group of four of them had got together and gone out... no, it was no good. Everything past that phone call didn't seem willing to materialise in his head past simple fragments. All that aside, he couldn't help but wonder why there was a wall in the middle of the room.

As he forced his eyes open and peered out from underneath the pillow currently residing atop his head, it twigged. Wait, that's Bankotsu's wall. Then he remembered something very vaguely. Getting back to their dorm room and falling asleep in-

He sat up and turned around to find he'd fallen asleep in Bankotsu's bed. And vice versa. "What? Why? ...oh yeah..." I was sleepy and I decided to lie down here. Jakotsu smiled to himself at seeing his best friend lying asleep in his bed. He didn't want to disturb me. Aww.

Jakotsu shook his head and then abruptly decided against that kind of motion, grabbing his watch from the nightstand. The numbers made very little sense but he was sure that one of them was late for something. Making a similar grab for his jeans, he wondered just what had gone on the previous night. "Hangovers are so frustrating," he muttered to no one in particular.

He could remember Renkotsu and Suikotsu talking to him and somehow getting him to drink far more than he usually would in such a situation. He'd said something about Bankotsu being weird and mentioned... "Oh dear..." Jakotsu bit his lip. I think I may have mentioned something about that kiss... oh shit! Why did I drink so much? He began questioning every decision he'd made that day, exasperated with his own stupidity. He was trying so hard to remember what had gone on and everything seemed to be against him.

And then the alarm on his mobile phone went off.

"Aaah!" Jakotsu exclaimed, pressing his hands forcefully against his ears. He snatched the phone from the floor next to his bed and switched it off. He glared at the message flashing across at screen. ART CLASS written in bold, underlined letters flickered on and off to remind him to get going. He pursed his lips on remembering Renkotsu getting exasperated with him the one day and setting the alarm for him.

"Fuck that, I am definitely switching this major!"

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Ayame's Late Arrival [01 Jun 2005|12:22pm]

The drive back to her house, the quick change, and adjustment of her hair and makeup, and Ayame was ready to go on her double date. She cursed under her breath as her green eyes landed on the clock in the hallway. She was late. Great, just great, what a way to make a first impression. She didn't want the others to think she'd stood them up.

She'd barely had time to sort through the majority of her clothes, trying to find something tasteful but flattering to wear. She wanted to look her best, as most girls did, but she didn't want to show too much flesh. She settled on a tasteful but short red skirt that clung to the curves of her hips like a second skin. She wore her black strapless bra so she could wear the black long flowing strappy top, one of her favorites. The chest was tied with a sash that hung down the center of her breasts and brushed the front of her stomach. The extended fabric of the shirt was look and wavy, airy and comfortable as well as mildly sexy. She brushed her long red hair down, letting it fall loosely over her bare shoulders.

Grabbing her purse, and making a near sprint for the door, she yelled a rushed goodnight to her grandfather, before running out the door, first making sure it was locked. Her grandfather would turn on the overhead outdoor light just before he fell asleep, so she would have some light to come to when she had to pull out her keys to let herself back inside later tonight.

She climbed into her car, backed out of the driveway, and headed back towards the campus. She was lucky, the traffic gods seemed to be in a good mood, and she had the grace of mostly green lights and a few yellow ones, before she reached one of the many entrances unto Sengoku Daigaku. Parking her Jeep pretty close to the cafeteria, she cut the engine, grabbed her purse, and opened the door.

"Sorry I'm late. Hope you all weren't waiting too long."


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Kikyou and Naraku going to the shrine... [27 May 2005|06:48pm]

Kikyou kept mostly silent as Naraku drove them to her family shrine. She almost felt guilty for going somewhere with Naraku so soon after effectively breaking up with InuYasha, yet at the same time she couldn't really see anything wrong with granting Naraku a tour of the shrine. He was certainly being polite, and besides this was just a good way to waste time until she left to go to Boston.

She turned to look at him, giving him a few directions with an easy smile. "It's just up here on the left, you'll be able to see the shrine from the end of the road. We could have walked from the campus you know, that's how I got to school to pick up my transcripts."

Sighing softly, Kikyou thought idly about the basket of food and the blanket she had laid out for the goodbye dinner she had planned on having with InuYasha. Maybe she would be lucky and Naraku could be hungry, that way none of the food would be wasted. She wasn't very hungry herself, but then again it took every ounce of her will for her not to be curled up in the fetal position crying her eyes out. She felt so broken inside, and yet she knew she couldn't give into those feelings.

She swallowed the bile she could feel rising in her throat as Naraku pulled into the shrine. The house looked empty, no lights on or signs of life. She knew that she would be the only one here for most of the night and wondered how long she could get Naraku to stay. She really didn't want to be alone with her thoughts today.

"So, the shrine might be a little messy, as I said they were installing a new alarm system. Not only that, but I also put out a little something because I expected to have one last evening to say goodbye to InuYasha. Any food in there is up for grabs, but if you eat don't touch anything. I just need to go put my stuff in the house, and since I'm the only one with the code you can either follow me or wait here."

She waved her folder and began walking towards the house, wondering what Naraku was going to do.

Look, Naraku and Kikyou still exist!Collapse )

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Second Attempt. [08 May 2005|02:34pm]

The daylight was slowly starting to fade away to the pinks and oranges of dusk. Kouga glanced down at his watch, he had at least an hour and a half before it was meeting time with Kagura. Smirking to himself, he took the short walk over to his dorm.

His blue eyes adjusted quickly to the dim natural lighting that was coming through the windows.

"So InuYasha isn't back yet... not surprising..." Kouga mumbled to himself, most of his words being muffled by his shirt as he pulled it over his head. He shrugged, not caring about his room mates where abouts and then stepped into the bathroom.

He made sure to check his shampoo in case his asshole room mate was not creative enough to pull an original prank on him. A sigh of relief passed his lips when his shampoo was secure. He didn't have much time if he wanted to make sure everything was perfect. So after a quick shower and getting dressed, he gathered the keys to his motorcycle and slipped the special padded jacket on over his clothes.

Kouga had a hard time remembering where he had put his helmet, but soon found it under his bed, housing two boxes of Trojan Magnums. "Heh..." he had almost forgotten about those. Emergency back up condums were good... definatly good. No one was allowed to be pregnant if he was screwing them. Dumping them out on his bed, taking a few and shoving them in his pocket, and placing his helmet under his arm. He was ready to go. He had everything minus his date.

Once at the cafe, he didn't mind waiting... he knew girls took their time to look nice... but he was getting worried. Suddenly his phone went off in his pocket. Blinking, hoping it was Kagura... he pulled it out only to be disappointed that it was his frat brothers instead.

"What?" he asked dryly... with impatience in his tone.

"Kouga! Dude, Ginta is totally chickening out. He wont even call Ayame to let her know whats going on," it was Hakkaku, and he seemed to be panicing.

"Put Ginta on the phone then?" Kouga commanded, his level of irritability going progressively upwards.

There was noise of shuffling the phone around and finally Ginta spoke, "Kouga I cant. She is to good for me... I cant just randomly ask her to go out with me."

"Ginta. Listen to me." Kouga said slowly, hiding the frustration in his voice, "I already asked her to go on the date with you tonight. You can't just stand her up. That will make not just you look bad, but me too."

"B..b....but I cant!" Ginta sounded frantic.

"Listen to me!" Kouga shouted into his phone, "You have already gone through puberty. You are not twelve years old, Ginta. You are in college, NOT middle school! Buck up and just take the girl out for a nice time! God! Its not that fucking hard!" His right hand reached up and rubbed his temples. "Look, man I'm stressing here. I'm waiting on my own date. I can't hold your hand through life and let you tag along everywhere I go. I offered you and Ayame to come along with me and Kagura, and if you are gonna pussy out on me man. I swear to god... you will be sorry. I will knock you into next week!"

There was no answer until Hakkaku pulled the phone to him, "I think whatever... you said... just made him puke."

Kouga rolled his eyes, "Good fucking lord. Hakkaku, listen to me... if he wusses out. You had better come meet me out here and go on this double date. I dont want to be stuck here alone with two girls. You know how much drama that would be? Drama I dont wanna deal with. I set this up for him, and now he wont take it. Can you make it out here?"

"Well who is gonna look after Ginta?" Hakkaku asked, rather confused.

"He's a big boy. He can take care of himself." Kouga snapped back.

"I dont know Kouga. I mean, yeah... Ayame is cute. But Ginta likes her... I dont wanna tread over shit like that," Hakkaku answered back warrily.

"You also dont want my fist down your throat," Kouga growled into the phone. "One of you two will be going out tonight. Got it. You two had better decide which one. Or I will be very angry. Got it?" And before he heard an answer he hung up his phone.

"God damn the both of those two morons," Kouga swore under his breath, checking his watch. Still no sign of Kagura. He was worried that she was going to stand him up, leave him hanging like this. She didn't answer her phone earlier... and now it was approaching thirty minutes after the time she was supposed to meet him.

He let out a sigh of frustration... and dialed her number, "Come on Kagura. Answer this time." The ringing went through... he waited for an answer.


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Talkin' on the telephone... again [05 May 2005|08:24pm]
"Hey!" Jakotsu said happily as Bankotsu replied. Speaking to his best friend made him happy. "Renkotsu and Suikotsu are gonna go out tonight and they wanted to know if we'd come along too. I know it was going to be just us tonight but I figured we could all go out. It's been a while since our frat did anything as a group, it'd be fun."

He paused for a moment and looked up, almost certain he'd heard Renkotsu say his name quietly. He shrugged and put it down to imagination before turning back to the cellphone in his hand.

"Anyway!" he said in a bizarrely proclamation-type way. "You'll come along, right? Besides, you said I could be your date when we went out tonight and I'm gonna hold you to that!" he added with a playful laugh. He glanced up a second time as he thought he heard his name from Suikotsu.

Look at me being paranoid! he thought to himself. They're my friends, I don't know why I should be curious.

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[05 May 2005|09:48am]

Opening his dark blue eyes, everything appeared blurry. Again? He had fallen asleep. Getting up, he reached for his cell phone which let out several rings at this point. Flipping it open, Bankotsu yawned a bit.


It was Jakotsu. His heart skipped a beat just to hear his voice on the other line. It was nice to be talking to him so much recently.

"What is it?"

Bankotsu replied.

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Late start. [01 May 2005|01:07am]

[ mood | determined ]

It was late afternoon, the sky was burning shades of red and orange. From the landscape view was a building, a college. And coming out of it was a girl. She stood outside of the silhouetted buildings doors looking at the small stack of papers in her hands. She sighed aloud, "Man do I really need all of this paperwork?" Her auburn colored eyes glanced down at the papers, flipping through a few she found a map of what seemed to be a campus. Her slender finger ran over the map in a hunt landing on a spot then slowly trekking across the paper once more it stopped again over a building labeled dorms. Tucking some of her long black locks behind her ear and hitching up her backpack she headed for the dorm rooms.

The secretary in the office had said that all of her stuff would have arrived earlier that day and been put in her room for her. She was one of the lucky few, it had cost her a slight more but she had managed a single room. Never feeling quiet comfortable around people she couldn't imagine living with one she had never before met. Her atire was the perfect portrayal of an artist; ripped jeans with splotches of paint and ink and a black shirt with red lettering that said Fender. The only thing slightly off was the criss-crossed black ribbon that ran up her arm. Walking casually across campus as if she had gone there for years she made her way to the dorms then standing outside of it she looked down at the paper before her, "floor 3... room 311" her voice was hushed.

Heading in she saw a few students congragating in the first floor lounge. Saying nothing she went straight for the elevator, glad it was empty. A bell sounded and the cart stopped and its doors opened, looking left to right before heading down the hall. Now standing before a door labeled 311 she flipped through the papers and unclipped a card from the stack. It was a picture ID, she swiped it through the door like a hotel room key with a click she turned the knob and opened the door. One more click and the light flicked on illuminating the room. "Not very homie yet," she said to nobody imparticular before closing the door behind her.

Brown card board boxes with different sharpie labels littered the floor. Noticing a bare full sized bed and a desk which had already come with the room. Flinging her back from her shoulders to the bed then setting the papers on the desk with her ID she crossed her arms looking at the semi moving mess. Nodding she removed the long black ribbon wrapped around her arm and pulled back her long tresses quickly tieing the ribbon in a firm bow. Crossing her arms over her chest and nodding as she spoke aloud, "Tonight I will unpack and be done with it all." And with that she started for the boxes in the floor.

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[29 Apr 2005|09:09pm]

Sesshoumaru finished his practice and knew he was ready for tomorrow. He made his way back to the locker room to get the rest of his stuff and then headed out of the gym. His stomach grumbled and he inwardly groaned.

Didn't I just eat? Why am I always hungry?!

He slowly made his way through campus to the street his apartment was on. Sesshoumaru wondered where that Jaken guy was and felt sort of lonely without the boy following him. A small feeling of concern hit him before he shrugged it off.

I'm sure he'll find me or call me. Just like he always does.

Stepping up to the door, Sesshoumaru took out his keys and opened the door. He sighed at the silence that greeted him. He always liked silence after he grew out of his childhood. It was something to combat the chaos that reined around him. Naraku's father, his father, his mother, that other woman, everyone was constantly fighting and ruining everyone's lives that he found himself running away for silence just about everyday. Before that there was Naraku, but Naraku never forgets to remind him which side he chose those many years ago now. He was just another step of chaos added to the already high ladder of headaches.

He threw his stuff on the floor of his room and jumped into the bathroom to take a shower.

Well, what should I do tonight?

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[24 Apr 2005|09:29pm]
Slinging his backpack back over his shoulder - as if the damned thing was going to stay there for more than twenty seconds - Jakotsu began to make his way back to the dorm. So kendo wasn't on today.

He sighed to himself, pulled out his cellphone and switched it on to pick up messages. Timetable mix ups weren't something he was completely new to. He thought about it for a moment and realised there had already been two this year... on the first day.

Looking skyward, he began to walk along, staring up at the clouds the way he often did on nice days like these. He looked down as his phone started to vibrate and play Waiting for a Star to Fall. i.e. a text message.

"Renkotsu?" he wondered out loud, opening the message and squinting at the screen. Go out tonight? he wondered. Hm, why not? I'll give Bankotsu a call too he decided, keying in the number and making his way across the grass.

As it rang, he looked up and saw two of his fellow frat brothers. "Oi! Renkotsu no aniki!" he shouted, waving his arm around to attract their attention, wondering all the while why he seemed to be calling Bankotsu so much lately. Whether school related or not.

He stopped shouting as he noticed the phone had connected. "Bankotsu?"

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Phone Phone... who has the phone... [22 Apr 2005|10:42pm]

After he reached Kagura's voicemail, and he didnt leave a message... he figured she would call him back when she was not so preoccupied... Kouga then noticed on his cell that he had a missed call from Miroku.

"Huh..." he paused, "I didnt hear it ring... he must have called awhile ago. I wonder why I didn't notice it until now..." Kouga pressed the right amount of buttons to call Miroku back to see what his buddy needed. He started to amble aimlessly around a large expanse of green on the campus. One of the many places the students would spend their spare time on a pretty day.

The ring tone went through, and he waited for Miroku to answer... he really hoped he didnt get his voicemail. He didnt like leaving phone messages and playing phone tag. It was one of his least favorite hobbies... besides laundry. Ick... laundry... something else he had to worry about later on or else he would have no clothes to wear later in the week.

A popular student like him couldn't risk not having clean clothes during the first week of school. "Come on Miroku... answer your phone dammit..." Kouga cursed under his breath.'


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[19 Apr 2005|12:02pm]

"Red most certainly is a colour of... power."

Kagura responded to Yura with a smirk. Picking up the beautiful scarlet dress she gently layed it out onto her bed. Before she could say anything else, her cell phone let out a soft ring from her bed side.

"Who could that be?"

Hoping it was Kouga, Kagura was proven wrong as the digital word 'Kanna' was imprinted on the small screen of the outside of her phone.

"I guess I better get this. Hold on."

Turning to the side, she flipped open her phone.


Kagura said into the phone's speaker.

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Sess moves to practice...(short) [18 Apr 2005|04:06pm]

Sesshoumaru watched Sango leave and then headed back to the track. It was a fruitless effort. He couldn't stop thinking about her and he knew those thoughts were going to get him in trouble. He took one last lap around the lap to cool down and then headed to the locker room to get some equipment to practice with and the papers for tomorrow's practice.

He took his time walking to the room and looked over the list of potential members. Bankotsu's name caught his eye and he thought about him for a minute. He knew he had a great work ethic and that he loved this sport, but he didn't know if he could trust him. Sesshoumaru knew there were only two people he ever trusted in this world and one of them let him down.

Sesshoumaru sighed, "But I do need someone to help me out with this team. He was pretty good last year. Well, I'll talk with him after practice tommorrow."

He sat down in the corner of the open room and looked at his watch. He still had a couple of hours before he had to work, so he looked over the papers one more time before starting his practice.

Class is in session

Last class... finally.. [15 Apr 2005|07:45pm]

Miroku had attended his Psych class. It wasn't one of those once a week classes, but it sure dragged like one. Night classes weren't his forte, even though summer still lingered and the sun was still out. It was slowly setting though, and when he got out of his class, syllabus in hand, the sky was already starting to darken.

Miroku scowled slightly. He hated driving in the dark. If he could afford contacts, it probably wouldn't be so bad. Glasses + driving at night = no. Regardless, he had no choice, and if it got later.. Well, there was always bumming a room with Hachi for the night. The wonders of having a friend as an RA.

Now out of the building and back outside, he flipped open his phone and pressed it on. Shortly after the phone loaded, he was surprised to find it beep. And beep again. And again. And again.

The SGA president scowled in disgust. Koharu left ten voice mails. At least she got it through her mind to not send him texts anymore. Mushin would flip. Not like Mushin saw his phone bill anyway. Miroku had responsibilities, and paid for the phone bill himself. Not like he had much along the lines of income beyond the temple which he helped at. Well, it wasn't his fault that they took pity on him and gave him donations for his condition.. which he used on everything but.

As he deleted all the messages Koharu tainted his phone with, his mind wandered to that girl again. Sango. He never looked forward to a date before, but for some reason he was looking forward to seeing her again. He was sure to win her over eventually. It never faultered.

Before he closed his phone, he scrolled down the multitude of numbers he had there, pausing on one. Kouga's. Hmm. Might as well see what he's up to. He thought, pressing the SEND button as he began the trek to his car.

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